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Kim Kardashian Tongues Kanye West

Report: Kim Kardashian's mobile game is adding more Kardashian spawn - Yahoo News

Kardashian captioned the image, #KimKAllDay, which quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as the picture was retweeted and favorited again and again. The hashtag appears to be a reference to Wests new song, All Day. As Gossip Cop reported, the musician debuted the track at Wednesdays Brit Awards, where Kardashian introduced his performance. The song is anexpletive-laden kiss-off, though West previously used the all day phrase in relation to Kardashian when her naked Paper photos came out last fall. West tweeted the nude magazine cover and wrote #ALLDAY. Kardashian also posted several pictures from the Brit Awards, including ones taken while her husband was on stage.

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